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#FamilyFunFellowshipDay – Family Reunion 2013 SUCCESS!


A fabulous turnout for a great day of family, fun and fellowship…

Picture it – three sides to a large family. Some of which haven’t seen each other in over 20 years… And they all come together at the notion of celebrating the good times… In 2007 that’s exactly what happened. What began as a humble vision of bringing a large family together turned into something I never expected in 2007. Fast forward 6 years and I hosted another #FamilyFunFelloshipDay that was sure to exceed that.

Of course I posted my progress leading up to the event via social media (Instagram, FB, Twitter) and that generated a lot of excitement for the day itself. Planning, communicating with people I don’t usually get to talk to and lots of preparation work was all worth it… We had a monumental turn out of 51 people and I am looking forward to planning next year… From save the dates to invites, finding out postal addresses and menu planning to games, activities and figuring out how to get everyone involved, I loved every part of the process.

What are some of your favorite memories of your family reunions? What are some of the yearly traditions you still honor to this day? What about the food, what’s your favorite staple at the family reunion – Aunt Connie’s potato salad or Uncle Jimmy’s ribs? Talk to me blog world 🙂




#FamilyFunFellowshipDay – Family Reunion 2013

#FamilyFunFellowshipDay - Family Reunion 2013

Working on the banner for our 2nd ever Family Fun Fellowship Day —- a twist on the regular Family Reunion.

This started as a vision to bring all sides of a very large, very distant family together over 6 years ago…I hosted the first ever in 2007 and now six years later here we are…It’s next Saturday (08/10) and I plan on keeping you guys filled in as it goes along…