Introducing Myself: My Journey with Weight Loss


Hello all…

I know this is my blog and the internet… and we share a little or a lot depending on who we are, but allow me a moment, if you’d like to read a bit, to introduce myself and this #WeightLoss journey.

Starting Weight: 376 (and that’s when I actually started stepping on the scale because I HAD to) It took A LOT for me to even want to share that # with anyone other than my doctor and the poor scale I stand on. That is not only a crazy high number that is what I’ve allowed myself to become. So, please, do with the knowledge what you will, but be mindful that I was not going to share that portion of #MyJourney.


I started my weight loss journey over the summer (2013) but really decided to give it my all and started setting goals at the end of September. In the month of October I challenged myself,  to walk a minimum of 1mi every day, no excuses. I also decided that I want to lose 100 pounds in 1 year. Fast forward to today, I have lost a total of 33lbs, around 5″ off of my waist and what I was doing for my entire workout (1mi) is barely a warm-up for me now. I continued with walking and eventually jogging and due to the cold months I *finally* joined a gym in December. I am slowly, but surely, adjusting my life, my view on food(s), preparation, getting out of ‘good/bad’ mentality and trying to learn and grow throughout this entire process. It was not, is not and will not be easy, but this is a MANDATORY lifestyle change for me.


I am 26 years old, I work full time (recovering workaholic), volunteer, try to be active in mentoring with my youth, co-facilitate a girl’s group at a local high school and have my own event coordination business that I finally launched in 2013. I’m a full time Daughter, Sister, Auntie, Mentor, Friend and I recently started foster parenting classes. I proudly wear any title and any given moment and have a lot of love to give, but I really never took time to focus on myself and love ME just as much as I love others. I believe that is was brought me to 376+.

I have struggled with weight my ENTIRE life. In the past I’ve lost 20lbs here or there but gained 40 back. I’ve seen dieticians, nutritionists, started the process for bariatric surgery more than once. I’ve yo-yo dieted, “cleansed”, Zumba’d, and just about any other ‘fad’ you can think of. Contrary to popular misconception – weight isn’t simply calories in/calories out. To over simplify and disregard ones feelings when it comes to weight is not only ignorant, it is down-right insensitive. I keep this in mind when I talk to myself and to others that have similar struggles.


I decided to share my weight loss journey publicly primarily to hold myself accountable. I decided if others are inspired by what I’ve done, that would be a result of my primary goal: accountability. I have since launched a YouTube channel where I Vlog (video-log) about my journey, my life and more. (( YouTube: SmplyAnita619:  )) The amount of love, encouragement and support I’ve received is simply overwhelming. There have been negative people, whether they have came out and said, “you will fail” or thought it, they are there. Some are very close to me, some don’t know my last name. This is okay because this journey is not for them, it is for ME. So, think what you will, say what you may, but know that although it DOES hurt and sometimes discourage, it will not defeat me.


Some of my goals for this year include:

*100lbs lost by 10.31.14


<<>> *Out of 300s by my Birthday – Reward: my annual birthday bash – That is 44lbs by June

<<>> *1st 5k – I’m looking at the Color Run in June & Breast Cancer in October.

<<>> *Hosting one of many FREE community workout sessions

*Stay Connected – I’d love to stay connected to those I love and care about me MORE in this coming year.

*Continuing this path of rediscovering ME 🙂

What about you?? What’s your story??

Thank you for reading ❤


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