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Gallery Wall

Let it be said – I am not a fan of a ton of personal photos all over the place. If you’re one of those Moms who has every picture since birth in frames all around your entire space and your child is 24…well, more power to you. I’d much rather showcase moments in time that are priceless. Irreplaceable memories if you will.

I do my best to update with more recent photos as time goes on. As I have moved from apartment to apartment, I’ve started a “gallery wall”. In my new place, I’ve grown more excited about how it’s evolved than in apartments past.


This was a smaller gallery wall, same effect in my former apartment.

I moved into my new space May 2012 and it seems I’m always doing some type of tweaking each month to make it feel more like home. This is the first space that I’ve had on my own that I come home to and feel as if it’s really HOME. So, I’ve enjoyed switching this, or hanging that there, rearranging furniture, etc.

When I decided to dedicate this wall to showcasing memories I went all out. Often times, when decorating, you should keep art and items you hang at eye level, however with this space I went UP and OUT. I have about 8 foot ceilings so I was able to utilize that space well. When you’re standing in front of the wall, you certainly don’t have to strain your neck to look up or over for that matter and I feel it uses the space well to accomplish the “gallery” feel.

Allow me to share some photos before to now. In no ways is this look complete, but I’m happy with it for the time being…


In the August 2012 photo you can see 2 frames that aren’t filled with photos. One was an adorable 3 picture collage frame that came from my supervisor for my birthday (Walmart) and the other a 15 picture collage frame that I purchased a few years ago. I kept going back and forth with using this frame: should the photos be black & white; should it be family only, etc. As I said earlier, I’m not a fan of a ton of pictures, but I felt that this frame (Walmart) could be a beautiful addition, if executed well.


It wasn’t until I gathered printed photos, old and new of my sister, nieces and parents that I determined I’d fill this with our memories. So, before my cruise (November 26th, 2012) I decided to keep myself busy with projects to keep me from going completely cruise crazy. If you look closely at the November 2012 photo you can see the handle from my suitcase sticking up, lol.


Overall, I’m happy with what I have so far. A lot of the photos in the individual frames came from past birthday celebrations (I tend to do a big bash every year) and I plan on updating some of them with 2012’s soon… Other than that, I enjoy showcasing those I love on one focal wall in my home – I call it my Gallery Wall.


BONUS TIP:   Stick to the SAME color frame. All of your frames do not have to be purchased at the same time or even from the same place, but if you stick with the same color and or style (ex: black, wood) then it’ll help make the space feel more cohesive.


Phenomenal Women Logo


Promising to Self, Sister and My Community to be the best me I can be

Phenomenal Woman – Phenomenally Me

This is a logo I created this weekend for a lovely group of young women… Over a decade of history and as a result, many changed lives have gone through this group based at Atherton High School here in Louisville. I’m just blessed to be a small part. I’m looking forward to bigger and brighter things to come…




This piece of furniture would be ideal for a space directly under a staircase. I am a fan of lakeside and their products. Please note I’m not endorsing, I’m simply speaking from personal purchases. (Source below)


If you’re in need of storage and unsure of where to begin to put something – look for “dead spaces” in your home. Whether that’s under a staircase, on the side of your closet, etc. and remember to look UP. Sometimes my favorite storage solution involves stacking things (safely, of course).

I prefer storage solutions that serve double duty. While the bookcase / shelf above allows for storage and displaying of books, CDs, etc. it also serves as a beautiful place to showcase photos, art, pottery or small plants.