My First Post – Welcome to My Corner



It has been suggested, on more than one occasion to start a blog. I create facebook posts throughout the day about savings, store sales, organization and decoration tips, etc. just as I think of them or discover them on the lovely Pinterest boards.

Well, I finally took my friend’s suggestions and here we are… SmplyAnita’s Corner. A place where you’ll find decor tips, organization tricks, makeup ooh’s and ahh’s and anything else in between. I am a coupon-er, and I LOVE saving $$, so any way I can help you do any of those.

I’ll be sure to allow you into the “inside scoop” of my life…including pics of the furry children, my vanity & makeup storage, decor that I’ve done through the years and new projects as I take them on… Please, comment, like or whatever it is we do on wordpress….

I can’t promise you I’ll post every day, but I can promise I’ll put a lot of thought and love into everything I do post… So, sit back & enjoy…


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  1. Rashawn Latham

    Go anita!! You are a very creative person. Ill be peekin in checking you out…

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