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Let’s Go Cards!

Let's Go Cards!

The last time we won a NCAA Championship – 1986
Bring it on home boys!


Well… I have …

Well… I have been saying I wanted to switch my schedule to 4 10’s and low & behold the department that NEVER changes schedules around not only gave me the 4 10’s I wanted but on better days that I was even asking for to begin with. You can’t tell me HE doesn’t know what you need before you even need it…

Quote taken from me on Facebook.

Schedule change means “New Beginnings”…


Last year, around this time I finally got the opportunity to move from 2nd shift to 1st. I wasn’t able to start this new, much-needed schedule until mid-May, but the promise of 1st shift was all I needed. This is coming from someone who did 2nd shift for 3 years with this company, and the ones prior as well as 3rd. I needed a change, something new and something “normal”.

Well, it’s been a year and I’ve been grateful for the “normal” in my life as a result. For those who have always worked 1st shift, M-F you’d never be able to relate, but for my 2nd/3rd shift’ers, weekend crews and so on, you can understand my plight.

Now it’s time for something “new” again. I’ll be transitioning into a 4 10-hour shift schedule. Originally, I had asked for Wed-Saturday OR Sun-Wed, but the reality is those would pose problems all the way around. Not only did they give me the 4 10’s (still on 1st shift) but I’ll have Sundays (for church) and Thursday/Fridays off as well.

It’s funny, because while I was asking for something else, I feel He already knew what I needed before I even asked.

This is just a quick, “thank you” post, as I’m trying to figure out what SmplyAnita’s Corner will include… Snippets of me, and my life and others…


Blessings & Love!


My First Post – Welcome to My Corner

#My1stCruise – #GettingThere – Miami Beach

#My1stCruise - #GettingThere - Miami Beach

Visiting Miami Beach the Sunday before my cruise 🙂